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Thursday, September 15, 2016

SERF Stonewall Equine Rehab and Fitness

by Sue Schindler
When your horse needs the best in care, come to Stonewall Equine Rehab and Fitness, “SERF,” for rehabilitation and conditioning. Located at the reknown Fulton Ranch in Stonewall, Texas, the newly opened rehabilitation center is second to none. Top veterinarians recommend SERF for their clients because they offer the most advanced equipment, a skilled and dedicated staff and a safe facility for their horses.

One element of rehab and fitness programs often overlooked is the relationship between the horse owner, attending veterinarian and rehab facility staff. At SERF, Dr. Kurt Harris “speaks their language” and is able to work directly with their client’s veterinarians, to follow the prescribed treatment plan for each individual horse.

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