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Sunday, November 30, 2014

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa Celebrates National Finals Rodeo in True “Vegas Cowboy Central” Spirit with Non-Stop Rodeo Promotions

LAS VEGAS – South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa plays home to the rodeo world in true Vegas Cowboy Central fashion during National Finals Rodeo (NFR), Las Vegas’ largest rodeo event of the year, with a full lineup of live entertainment, Western art and gift shows, NFR viewing parties, buckle presentations for NFR winners, rodeo events and more Monday, Dec. 1 – Sunday, Dec. 14.

2014 All-American Quarter Horse Congress – Highs, Lows, and Memories

All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio is the largest single breed horse show in the world. In its 48th year, the 2014 event drew a jaw-dropping 20,000 entries. Starting October 2 and running through the 26th, it was estimated to bring more than 650,000 people to the area and more than $180 million dollars to the local economy.

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM)

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) is a dominant autosomal hereditary condition that can cause a genetic form of tying-up with muscle damage and inability to move. One form of PSSM is in part a result of a single base pair substitution in GYS1 gene, thereby changing the amino acid sequence of the glycogen synthase enzyme. At least 20 breeds have been identified with Type 1 PSSM.

Horse-Breeding History: Expensive Hobby

Expensive Hobby made a lasting impression in the Quarter Horse world.
The AQHA World Show had just moved to Oklahoma City, and horsemen in the Heartland were witnessing West Coast-style working cow horse competition for the

Quarter Horse History: The First 20

 It is interesting to look back through the first 20 horses registered with AQHA – designated as foundation sires – and see which ones we remember and which have faded into relative obscurity. After AQHA was chartered in 1940, the newly formed Executive Committee decided that the first registration number would be reserved for the grand champion at the Fort Worth Stock Show.


Bonnie Sheren – Commitment Pays Off

Hard work, time, commitment, and energy, are key ingredients that turn dreams into goals and eventually into reality. Three years ago Select rider Bonnie Sheren was in a position in her life to put all those important ingredients together. “I’d been showing on and off over the years and had always hoped to have a horse and show at a high level. It was time to make it happen,” says Sheren.

Managing the Laminitic and Foundered Horse with Sole Support

When an equine athlete experiences an episode of Laminitis or Founder it can be a painful experience. While there are numerous studies and articles on the causes of these two maladies, there is also a general consensus on what the hoof capsule experiences after the episodes occur.

Just Have Christmas

If you are reading this, then you must have managed to make it through the remainder of your show season and you are now heading full speed into wrapping paper and pine oil and copious amounts of sugar and The Holidays.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Concierge Auctions to sell fully customized Rancho Santa Fe retreat that makes indoor-outdoor living a reality

The 10,390-square-foot residence was built by renowned architect Greg Agee, with an interior conceived by award-winning designer Susan Spath
Concierge Auctions, a luxury real estate auction firm serving high-net-worth individuals worldwide, today announced the auction of Rancho Las Brisas in the affluent community of Rancho Santa Fe. Rancho Las Brisas was previously offered for $6.695M and will sell to the highest bidder without reserve in cooperation with Laura Barry of Barry Estates on November 8th.

UPDATED Event Schedule at South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

American Quarter Horse Association SmartPak Novice Championship – Oct. 1 – 5: The SmartPak West AQHA Level One Championships are the pinnacle event for Level One (formerly known as Novice) American Quarter Horse exhibitors, who must qualify for the event either nationally or through a state or provincial AQHA affiliate in halter, English and western disciplines. This year’s championships have more than 2,000 entries with this year’s championships slated for Oct. 1 – 5. This event is free and open to the public.

Robert Conway Steps It Up to the Select World Show

Looking ahead to the 2014 show season, Robert Conway didn’t have a horse ready to show. He’d been to the Select World Championships to help a friend, but never as a competitor. In order to meet his goals, he entered into a show lease on two mares. “Show leases are a win-win situation,” says Conway. “There was no way these horses would have gotten the training and chance to show and I was able to get in the ring.”

SmartPak AQHA Level 1 Championships West

The American Quarter Horse Association makes a place for every rider and owner. The SmartPak West AQHA Level 1 Championship Show, also known as the Novice show brings riders from around the region to a championship caliber show that serves as an important stepping stone to the Select World, Youth World and World Congress. For the first time, the association offered Rookie classes that saw entries increase by 455 to a total of 1,742 for the show held October 1-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Much Does an Eviction Cost?

When a consumer fails to pay rent, it’s a bad situation for everyone involved. As a renter, you could have trouble finding another place to live, and your credit scores could take a hit.

Landlords are often put in a stressful situation that can be quite costly, potentially damaging their financial stability, as well. It costs an average of $1,917 to evict someone, according to a report from TransUnion.

Miranda Mitten: Ending a Youth Career is Just the Beginning

Nineteen year old Miranda Mitten is about to see her youth career come to a close. Even though she admits to being a little sad she says, “I’m excited to do something new. It will be fun to move up to the next level.” The 2010 Congress Champion in Trail and three-time PCQHA Youth All-Around Year-End Champion will be entering this new stage on a new mount. “She just bought Sudden Persuasion at the NSBA show in Tulsa,” says Mitten’s longtime trainer Kellie Hinely. They found the six year old dark chestnut gelding known as “Percy” at Highpoint Performance Horses where he showed under previous owner Bonnie Sheren.

55th Annual Klamath Bull and Horse Sale Returns in February

Step onto the Klamath County Fairgrounds in Klamath Falls, Oregon February 5-8, 2015 and you’ll hear the yip of cattle dogs, the clank of spurs, and the thundering of hooves as skilled horses run down and maneuver cattle. Watch the ropes and dirt fly and know at this premiere gathering of ranchers has gone on for over five decades.

World Champions win at Congress

Reigning World Champion One Time Choice and three-time Non-Pro World Champion Joe Howard Williamson dominated their respective finals at the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting at the All American Quarter Horse Congress on October 10.

Horse-Breeding Compatibility

Some pairings just don’t work, and that seemingly perfect mare-stallion combination fails to result in pregnancy

The 12-year-old mare had already successfully carried four foals to term. She was known as an easy breeder because she always settled on either the first or second cycle. The mare had conceived in previous years after having been bred with either frozen semen or cooled semen.

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