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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Falling down is life, getting up is living.

I think everyone has read the saying that, "falling down is life, getting up is living."
Well, I think I may be in the falling down phase right now.

Horse showing definitely has its highs and lows, especially when you are relatively new to the AQHA game.
Last year I bought a very nice all around horse and started the year with a pretty good bang. Went to a few shows, got a few points, even won a few blue ribbons and buckles. It was fun~while it lasted. 

Then my horse was off and needed some rest, next came family obligations, and the kid's college tuition. Then came the overriding guilt that when I returned to the show pen ,not only was I not really winning, I was  spending a small fortune, and not having loads of fun. I've asked myself if I really wanted to sign up for this? Open checkbook, work hard, and lose~or at least feel like a loser. 

Then up comes the Novice Amateur show and incredibly I qualify, by the skin of my chinney, chin,  chin. I had shown at exactly 20 shows. My husband gives me the thumbs up, with the possibility that this might be my only chance to go. Elatedly, I send my horse to the trainer's and get back on a training schedule. 

We arrive in Las Vegas for my biggest show to date and I am really happy to have qualified for this show. It's the culmination of so many dreams and I had told myself quite a few times that arriving was the prize. Two classes in and I made the top ten and the finals, then my horse gets sore and we have to pull him from the rest of the show. At this point, I am not happy to have arrived at the show and I am trying not to cry like a two year old. My barn buddies are wonderful with just the right amount of sympathy so that I don't break down and embarrass myself and yet they get the point across that they understand my loss. The rest of the show is spent quietly waiting to go home.

Falling down is life, getting up is living.....

So today, both my horse and myself are at home with a planned trip to the veterinarian next week.  That information will have to wait, and as for me, I am going to get up out of bed, head to the barn and work on my next plan of action. So don't be surprised if you see me at the next show, riding or helping out, and maybe on the sidelines. 

I plan to live,

Allyson Hicks

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