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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Triple Crown Nutrition Launches Horse Feed Comparison Tool To Help Consumers Sift Through Crowded Feed Market.

In an effort to give consumers important information regarding the nutritional makeup of their horse feed brand of choice, Triple Crown Nutrition has launched a feed comparison tool that will provide horse owners with a comprehensive breakdown of the nutritional differences between competing horse feed brands.

“Horse feed is more than just protein, fiber and fat. Most any feed mill can assemble feeds that mimic others with the same basic guarantees in the marketplace,” says Eric Haydt, Triple Crown’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “So we created the comparison chart to help consumers easily compare feed companies side-by-side on other benefits not often understood by many horse owners. We feel parameters like how feeds are formulated, the use of corn and the use of nutrients such as prebiotics, probiotics, organic minerals and yeast cultures are important in differentiating feeds.”

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